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TikTok User Search: How To Search Anyone On TikTok? [FREE TOOL]

If you are wondering how to make TikTok user search the right way, this blog post is for you. 

Of course, you can search for any user on TikTok by typing in the username into the app’s search bar. Still, pulling someone’s profile out of the 800 million TikTok users can be a hard nut to crack. Not always the information you need is neatly displayed by the platform. Sometimes all that you need is the right tool or a guide to walk you through.

Also, searching for a specific user can be hard or even impossible if you:

  • don’t have a TikTok account,
  • using a desktop, or
  • looking for a user whose account is private

Read along to find out how to make most of TikTok user search in all cases when finding someone’s account on TikTok seems to be difficult. We’ll break down the steps of the user search and mention a couple of free tools to use to quickly assess a certain account. 

How to Search on TikTok Without an Account

There are not many choices outside TikTok to check someone’s profile. 

Knowing the username of a person you can look up his/her profile, engagement rates, and earnings using the TikTok Money Calculator.


To do TikTok user search with this tool you type the username into the search bar, verify CAPTCHa, and get the detailed results. TikTok Money Calculator is a free tool which helps you see how many followers, videos, views, and likes someone has without creating a TikTok account. 

TikTok user search with a free search tool

It also displays the most viewed, commented and liked videos a user you are searching for has. Engagement rates estimation for the last 50 posts is one of the best features of this data-rich open source tool. Many creators use it to research big-name TikTokers and celebrities like Charli D’amelio, Zach King, Will Smith, Addison Rae, and others. 

After all, isn’t it better to know how much money you can make as a top-rated creator on TikTok?


Another way you can perform TikTok user search without an account is by googling the username. The first 10 search results are going to point to TikTok. You will see a hashtag (if any), a user profile, and videos, the user posted to TikTok. Tap on it to get onto the TikTok website. 

Search TikTok user with Google

Once you are there, you will see all the videos that the creator uploaded along with some stats and suggested accounts. 

Note, to find another user you have to go back to Google again since there is no search bar on the desktop version of the app. Or you can change the URL of the page by typing in the username with the @symbol right after TikTok’s home page. 

How to Search a TikTok User on PC

While it is easier to download TikTok app and sign up for an account, users do ask how to find their classmates, friends, or someone they know by searching up for a profile on PC. 


We have already touched the question of how to do TikTok user search by changing the website’s URL adding creator’s username with @ after the site address.

Search for TikTok user changing URL address

Just in case, the same goes to a specific keyword/hashtag that you want to watch videos about. 

  • Tap on the address bar of your browser to change the URL address of a page. 
  • Leave as it is but add /tag/your-keyword to it.
  • Press Enter, and you will see a ton of videos from different creators but the same topic. 
Search for a hashtag changing the URL address

You can further advance your TikTok user search, and watch not only one video from a certain TikToker but several. 

How you do that is another (a more fancy) way to search for a TikTok user on the desktop. 


This method to find someone’s TikTok account from PC works only if you have a link to a video published by the creator. Paste the link into the address bar of your browser, and click Enter.

TikTok user search through a link to a video

A video will open up in your browser together with the user’s profile on your left. Tap on the username to let the browser take you to the profile’s page. There you will see the number of followers, following, and likes a profile has, or what type of videos a creator uploads. 

How to Search a TikTok User on Android/iPhone

Well, if you have the app already on your smartphone chances are you have your TikTok account. More, 99 out of 100 TikTok users not only have a profile but are logged in. 


Assuming you logged in right now, the only thing you should do to start looking for a certain influencer, brand, or a nextdoor neighbour is to tap on the little Discover search icon/Magnifying Glass on the bottom left. 

Tap on the Discover search icon at the bottom of the screen

Once you tap on it, the search bar appears. Type in the exact username, or the name you think a person you are looking for might have.

Type in the username in the search bar

TikTok will list down all the accounts whose names or usernames match your query in the order of popularity. If you are searching for “Loren” the first result you get is going to be @lorengray we all know.

TikTok user search - Pick the user from search results

How to Find a TikTok User Without a TikTok Username

Not knowing someone’s username might be a bit of an issue. Yet you can still find people you know in real life or on Facebook. These could be your classmates, neighbours, distant relatives, colleagues saved as contacts on your smartphone, or Facebook friends.


TikTok allows you to do TikTok user search by looking up if your phone contacts are on TikTok. No need to ask your crush for a username upfront -you could secretly watch their videos and follow them.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone, and tap the profile icon or Me icon;
  • Tap the Person+ icon at the top left (next to your username);
  • Pick the Find Contacts” option from the opened menu. 

Note please, you won’t be able to search friends from your Contacts List until you add up your phone number and allow TikTok access to your phone.


Doing TikTok user search? Your Facebook friends might already be using TikTok. Let’s see how you can find them on TikTok without a username. Just like with phone contacts, searching TikTok profiles among your Facebook friends allows Facebook to access your profile and friends list. 

If you are okay with it, here is how to find users to follow through a Facebook Friends feature on TikTok.

  • Open the app on your phone, and tap the Me icon at the bottom right;
  • Tap on the Add Person icon located next to your username (top right corner of the screen);
  • From the Find Friends menu choose “Find Facebook friends“. You will be transferred to your Facebook page. You have to sign in to be able to see if anyone from your circle uses TikTok. 
  • From the list, pick friends you want to follow on TikTok.

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BONUS: How to View a Private TikTok Account

As a new app user you may be curious if it is possible to view someone’s private account without sending a request to follow. Well, “Yes” is the answer.

Whether you do TikTok user search on desktop or mobile, a private TikTok account is still searchable and can be found with various methods described above. 

However you won’t be able to see videos the user liked and posted unless you follow them and they have accepted your following. 

Another way is to find their profiles and content elsewhere outside TikTok. Instagram and YouTube are the most logical places TikTok creators are sharing their videos with. In fact, many viral videos, TikTok compilations, and popular creators are easily found on YouTube.

Creating a second account on TikTok or using a friend’s account are the two other ways to watch a creator whose account is made private. For someone as popular as Charli D’amelio there are fan clubs that republish the videos such stars upload on their fan pages. That way, you have the best of both worlds, watching the content from a certain creator without following him/her directly. 

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