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Learn TikTok basics with simple step-by-step instructions. Everything from how to go live on TikTok to user search tools and tips is illustrated.

  • How to duet on Tiktok
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    Everything You Need To Know About How To Duet On TikTok

    TikTok has taken over the minds of many people in the past couple of years. These 15-second videos sparked the interest of viewers and made short-form video content trendy. One of the most exciting features of this platform is duets. If you want to learn how to duet on TikTok, keep reading. What are TikTok Duets? TikTok Duet feature allows you to make clips with two videos appearing side by side. In the early days, it was primarily used to make musical duets with famous artists. Now, there are many other creative ways to make entertaining content.  You can do anything with it: make comments or reply to original videos,…

  • How to go live on Tiktok
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    How To Go Live On TikTok: Best Tips That Will Get You Views

    Wondering how to go live on TikTok? In this post, you will find a step by step guide and the most important things you should consider before going live. Why even bother going live on TikTok?  There are several benefits of using this feature. Firstly, it will boost your engagement because your followers receive a notification every time you start a livestream. Also, going live attracts more followers as your profile engagement increases. Finally, live streaming can help you monetize your account by receiving virtual gifts from your audience.  Now, there are some restrictions on the use of this feature. Make sure you meet the following requirements to go live…