bob                        Why you Joined Edge Up Network

    1) 433 million members on LinkedIn. 2 new members sign up on LinkedIn every second.

    2) 71% of the members access their LinkedIn account at least once per week.

    3) LinkedIn has the most professionals and highest income level of any website on the

          planet. Connections  look at you as a business relationship. You have a

          psychological relationship with them. They are more likely to open email from you vs

          other media. These are just a few reasons why Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for


    4) The world has already changed around you. 2.2 billion users of social media

        with 1.9 billion using their mobile devices to access their social media.

    5) Social Media is the new marketing medium. The vast majority of business

         people have no idea how to market and “Turn Their Social Media into Revenue”

         which means your competition does not, BUT they will.

        Stay ahead of your competition!

    6) Remember you are a brand now because of social media.

         Think Big and Get Big Results! There is always a solution if you get overwhelmed.

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