Referrals are vital to your personal business growth.

70-90% of new business comes from referrals. Bottom line networking is a essential component for your business.

Our surveys tell us that most people know many more people than they used to know due to social media and mobile devices. They also lack any kind database tools to manage all the people they now know. 

Not only did Mycity create databases for members, we created a rating system managed by peers to assist in creating more referrals.

Social media is the number 1 activity online. Combined with the fact that data is exploding, doubling every year understanding how to grow your business in this new environment is critical.

It’s important to keep you finger on the pulse of change and keep up. Harnesses your most powerful asset, the people you KNOW. This program can help any networking group flourish.

Social media is a relatively new marketing tool that few business people have conquered as a marketing medium.

We have seen many LinkedIn users generate lots of connections, but those connections don’t seem to go anywhere. In fact our experience is that 90% of the 140 million people in the US on LinkedIn have not generated any revenue for a several of reasons:
1) They don’t know how to use LinkedIn. They lack knowledge how to target connections clients and referral partners. 
2) Next they don’t message connections, or send the wrong kind of messaging.

We also have a formula that can solve the business building process. It’s a relationship building formula:
1) When you first meet someone as a result of social media, do not sell, instead better to be interested rather than interesting. If you sell too quickly you will push people away, and as a result, you’ll never get them back.
2) If you had a good meeting, follow up the meeting by sending them an introduction/referral to someone they wish to meet.
3) Next invite them to a networking event/mixer.

Do this within a 30 day period and you are on the way to building a relationship.

We call this program The Power of Three.

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