Our training program is first designed to assist you with “Turning Your LinkedIn into Revenue”. But, LinkedIn is not an island. Technology, mobile apps, face to face networking, sales skills as well as the integration of the internet such as your website all affect your success. Our LinkedIn training team is available to help you grow your business. Below are our training topics:

 a) Social Media: LinkedIn:

  • Inviting new connections-Interview process, targeting who are your targeted clients, and who are your targeted referral partners. Rarely do we experience clients having the right connections in their LinkedIn database.Tagging “know” connections- We’ll teach you how to tag your connection for people that you know. Tagging is like creating folders separating out your connections into categories that are important to you. Our initial objective is to create introductions to people that you don’t know. Growing new relationships of targeted individuals is how we help you grow your business.
  • Your LinkedIn profile– We work with you on improving your profile. LinkedIn is a marketing tool. Placement of critical keywords or phrase that inform visitors of what you do influences their desire to communicate with you. LinkedIn is also a search engine. With the correct keywords help you to get found when people do searches.
  • 1st emails of introductions– Our staff will work with you creating your 1st email to connections you don’t know. Edge Up Network has templates or we can create customized emails.
  • Educating you– Learning how to use LinkedIn is extremely helpful in the growth of your business. Our training staff is available to assist you with micro training sessions so that you don’t get overwhelmed. We also recognize that your time is limited.
  • More Training– Tools for helping you be more effective. Did you know that 60% of all search is done via mobile devices today. Google has even announced they are
    lowering ranking of non-mobile friendly websites. LinkedIn interacts with so many
    other technologies such as your website. Below is a list of other training

LinkedIn Training Topics:

1) Advanced search
2) Tagging- Best usage
3) How to respond to 1st emails of introduction responses.
4) Making calls to LinkedIn connections- Calling your LinkedIn connections are warm calls not cold calls. There is a psychological relationship that develops once you connect with other LinkedIn connections.
5) CRM system on LinkedIn -Relationship section- Leaving notes, reminders, whereyou met, and more.
6) Creating introductions to others via LinkedIn. The share tool.
7) LinkedIn emailing, Best practices.
8) Endorsements, recommendations
9) Announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, new jobs
10) LinkedIn groups
11) LinkedIn apps for mobile devices- Including LinkedIn connected and Pulse.
12) Mailing tag
13) 1st call tag
14) 1st emails
15) Responses to 1st emails
16) Finding Recents Connections
 17) Groups- How groups can be used to promote your business.

 b) Other Technologies Training

      Google Drive, etc…

 c) Edge Up Network Documents on Google Drive

     1) Your Profile- Information to be shared with networking partners that you would not display on LinkedIn
           A) Elevator Pitch
           B) How to create introductions (Triggers)
           C) Targeted Clients
           D) Targeted referral partners

            How Edge Up Network builds your circle of influence

       2) Your Action Plan Document

 b) Referring –

      Measurement- inputting their referrals

      One on One’s and incorporating social media

 c) Marketing

How to grow your group.

1) Training – The Art of Networking
    a) Getting to know your partners – One on One’s
    b) Creating Powerful Elevator Pitches
    c) Learn the art of creating referrals
    d) Growing your group.
2) Sales Training
   a) Making calls to your LinkedIn connections
   b) Know what makes you different
       1) How Edge Up Network sets you apart from all your competition
  c) Learning the art of selling presentations
 d) Learning how to ask for an order- Tie downs- Asking pain questions
 e) Learning how to rebuttal
 f) By the way pitching


4) Measuring success
a) Setting Goals
b) Recognizing Pitfalls, how you create your own roadblocks


5) Other Social Media
 a) Which social media sites are going to work for you
 b) blogging
 c) blogging tools



5) Technology Tools

 a) syncing equipment
Android Devices
 b) calendar syncing