Change is difficult for most people. We tend to get comfortable following routines. 
But there is a problem with routines. Your trend line for growth will most likely flatten.

Most individuals are also influenced by fear. Fear of change will certainly impede your growth.                                          

Networking over the years has changed very little with the exception of using social media.

We are in a changing world. Data each year is doubling. The networking world 
has not figured how to incorporated data. Keep reading and learn about which uses data for networking. 

If you adopt change especially ahead of your competitors you become a leader, not a follower.  Plus
you won’t sound like your competition. Use data for networking and your business should grow.

I always ask the same questions of people with a 99% response rate:
1) Do you need to make more money? Yes

2) Do you have any free time? No

Your most valuable asset is the people you know. The number of people you know has grown from                                  approximately 150 people 10 years ago to 500-1000 people now due to mobile devices and social media.                         Social Media is the number 1 activity on the internet and out of a world population of 7 billion, approximately.                2.1 billion are on social media.

Next since 70-90% of most people new business comes from people they know.
What are you doing with all these people?

About 2 1/2 years ago I started asking people do you have a database or a rating system of the people you know.
99% said no, they would love something like that.

You put 10 networking partners in a room that each know 500 people this equates to 5000 KNOWN people.
There should be business for just about everyone in thegroup! With we built a system that creates
suggested recommendations based onLocation, Vocation, Rating and Expertise for introductions and referrals.
Ratings are created your partners in the groups of people they know. groups generate results. Our groups are the most different networking groups you will
ever see. Members bring in their tablets and laptops for generating new business.

When you receive a referral from someone you know, it quickly changes from
a cold lead to a warm lead. And, when you give referrals, you will get referrals.

Check out You can join it for free. Or, If you are interested in starting
your own networking group, give me a call.

Call today to find out more. Let’s set you apart from your competition.

Bob Friedenthal
CEO Edge Up Network