70-90% of future business comes from referrals and people you know.

One of the best ways to boost your income is by referring people.
When you give referrals, you’ll find yourself getting referrals.

Referral groups are pervasive in our economy today.

Buyers are more likely to buy from introductions. There is a
psychological trust in referrals.

If you are involved in networking you know exactly what I mean.

The problem with referral groups are they are a reactive process.
You are always waiting for referrals.

Speaking with the vast majority of people, few have organized the
people they know, their most powerful asset.

10 years ago, people only knew 150-180 people.

Now because of technology, mobile devices and social media,
people know over 500-1000 plus people.

We just launched, the 21st century form of networking, harnessing
this valuable asset. Take a look at mycity.com. The first system in the marketplace
that helps you organize the people that you know.

Work with your referral partners and make the referral process
proactive. With a rating system for building either clients or
referral partners, mycity.com. Query your partners with a rating
system of the people they know. Search by vocation and
request an introduction.

Turn your networking into a proactive process.

Check it out. http://www.mycity.com

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