We had such a success with video testimonials, we are now helping our clients create video testimonials for an individual that is helping their business grow via referrals or recognizing a service rendered .

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We are revolutionizing the way networking is done. Our networking groups “power group” involve both networking and workshops on LinkedIn as well as other technologies. Meetings are only every other week vs the traditional weekly networking meetings, yet accomplish as much and requiring less time.

Here is what we guarantee: 1) 100 new targeted connections per month minimum 2) 8 good introductions minimum to targeted referrals each month 3) Training on LinkedIn tools If you are interested in participating in our program or are interested in starting your own networking group 4) create a systematic approach to building relationships, please contact:

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Watch our Client Video Testimonials

                                                                Networking Group                                      Member’s Industry

Eric Pierre Video                            San Diego Group                                  CPA

Dale Johnsen Video                      Thousand Oaks Group                     Health Insurance

Paul Bowler Video                      Woodland Hills Group                     Title Insurance

Gerald Kane Video                        Woodland Hills Group                     Estate Planning Attorney

Don Ogden Video                           Beverly Hills Group                         Contractor

Marianne Hudz Video                  Woodland Hills 2 Group                   Baker

Jeff Markell Video                         Tustin Group                                    Residential Real Estate

Jason Howard Video                    Beverly Hills Group                           Financial Advisor

Clement Pepe Video                      Lake Forest Group                            Sales Coach

Rick Lund Video                             Lake Forest Group                            Marketing

Alicia Escobedo Video                  Costa Mesa Group                             Financial Literacy

Mike Rains Video                           Costa Mesa Group                             RE/Max Realtor

Mike Connolly Video                     Costa Mesa Group                             LegalShield

Jason Vallejos Video                     Woodland Hills Group                      Farmer’s Insurance P&C

Michael Maloney Video                West Hollywood Group                    Keller Williams                      

Mark Greenberg CPA Video        Santa Monica Group                          Partner @ Miller Ward & Co