bob End 2016 as banner year. Want to grow? We’ve got the tools.

                                                                     Grow relationships, Grow sales!

Ever heard that sales is a game of numbers? Well their Right.
70-90% of new business comes from referrals, “people you know”.

Networking works by increasing referrals. There are many successful traditional programs out there like BNI, Team, LeTip, Provisors.

Edge Up Network is different. 

We’ve created a system for increasing the results of networking and build time back into your weekly work week and making it more profitable.

So, we’ve added data to networking in order for you to:

1. Meet new people critical for you business growth.

2. Revitalizing people you know. Give them more, so you so you can get more!

3. We’re using data to transform the way you grow you business.

Here’s how:

1) We manage your LinkedIn account.   Grow your relationships. And message them for you. Allows you to Stop doing clerical work!

2) We strengthen your current relationships with our proprietary Social Sync Rating System for sending introductions/referrals to the people you know. Social Sync organizes your most valuable asset “people you know”. Allows you to Maximize the 70-90% rule of referrals.

3) Lastly, Power of 3 is a relationship tracking system that monitors new acquaintances for relationship building.

Our networking group use our system. Or, we can help you create or grow your existing networking group.

Recently one of our groups was visited by a business coach. He mentioned Edge Up Network has the most unique group he has ever been experienced. He witnessed successes achieved IN this meeting. Most of the people had computers and were introducing & referring business to each other using Edge Up Network tools.

Nearly 100% of the people I meet tell me they want to make more money but don’t have any free time. 

Are you just going to run harder and faster or sacrifice that free time you deserve.

Lastly, we put you ahead of your competition with our advanced system.

Isn’t this worthy of a phone call?

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