The World is Changing around You- Let Us Help You Change With it!

Grow relationships, your most essential requirement for growing your business in 2017.

Use 21st century tools and become more efficient and effective in 2017.

1) 70-90% of your new business comes from referrals. These are people you know.  
    Organize the people you know and grow!
2)Grow the referrals you give and your referrals will also grow.
3)Our networking groups are different. You bring a laptop or tablet for research.
4)10 years ago we knew 150-180 people. Now it’s more like 500-1000. 
5)Tell your long lost friends you wish to rate them so you can give them a referral and
     you’ll catch their attention.

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If you have referral partners, Social Sync is the most advanced networking tool in the market today for making your referral program more successful.

We work with our clients to rank individuals in our ranking system.
1) Individual Wants More Business
2) Individual’s Willing to network
3) Individual’s Willingness to Give Referral
4) Their Expertise Level in their vocation
5) Would you refer them?

Ranking is done in each area on a 1-5 ranking.
All information is kept confidential until there is approvals by both parties.