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Edge Up Network.com unique program combines old and new. Old is face to face meeting and new is using social media to grow your presence. Our sales team calls your new connections and invites people to meet you in a face to face meeting program.

Social Media
Linkedin Full Service Program – Grows connections through our program Triangulating. Our social media department works with clients on social media.
Marketing Programs
Edge Up Network works with our clients to develop a program using social media to gain attention of prospects along with branding you. When you refer business to another Edge Up Network client we promote you through our marketing.
Speakers Programs
Our speakers programs focus on business interest topics. These topics attract a higher level of business people. Example: 2012 Health Care Reform, what it means for your business, how to avoid penalties.
Referral Power Groups
The purpose of our power groups is for developing personal relationships among members and referring business to each partner.
We provide tools to help you and your power group. Growing your team is always important. Individuals that bring new members to the group are given access to a sort list to help you set appointments.
Our Sales Teams
Contacts your connections and invites connections to meet you face to face.
Appointment Setting
Our appointment setting program has 2 forms. 1) when a invited guest of yours becomes a client, you receive 5 appoints free of charge 2) We have a pay program of per appointment with a minimum purchase of 10 appointments.
Incentive Program
This program also compensates you for new Edge Up Network clients that you introduce to our program.
Your photo on social media is your billboard on the social media highway. We help market you for giving you more exposure.
We train you on networking skills, elevator pitches, goal setting, etc.