A systematic relationship building system.

Do you have a systematic process of building relationships? Few people do!

Why a system is so vital. LinkedIn is hugely successful in creating introduction. Where most people fail is in the relationship building. Article of article can be found on the internet of why building relationships is essential.

1) People who build great relationships don’t just think about other people. They act on those thoughts.
2) A great relationship is mutually beneficial. In business terms that means connecting with people who can be mentors, who can share information, who can help create other connections; in short, that means going into a relationship wanting something. Take the first steps, be the leader.
3) Taking the initiative. By you reaching out tells people you care.

Our Relationship tracking system.

1) Meet (preferably face to face) as a result of LinkedIn. In the meeting ask them who they would want to meeting.
2) Send them an introduction.
3) Invite them to a mixer, networking event, etc. Show them you care.

Then Based on your sales skill and your evaluation, instinct, ask for the order or networking partnership.