Overview: Why the mycity.com system?

Making or strengthening relationships is an essential tool to building your business.

Business people rely on referrals for sales growth.

The mycity.com system is a powerful tool for several reasons:

  • Mycity.com addresses you differently.  It initiates first time meetings that show interest and build your relationships.
  • When you give referrals you get referrals. The mycity.com    efficiently gives you an ability to increase your referrals.
  • Lets you be known as a great referral source.

Critical Statistics:

70-90% of new business for most business people comes from referrals.

Sales coaching suggests it takes 3-5-7 times to be in front of someone to take people from just an acquaintance to relationship to sales or referral partner (circle of influence).

How is works:

Mycity.com shares information (data) amongst your networking partners. The search system matches interested individuals by vocation and ratings in your network. You and your networking partner get recognized as a referrer.  


We work with you to upload the people you know through your linkedin or other social media outlets.

What we discovered:

Few people know how to organize their database.  With mycity.com we created a solution.We add people you know into the mycity database.

Next we create a rating system helping you evaluate the people you know for referring.

The data is then shared with your networking partners for increasing your referrals.

What you need to do:

You need to rate the people you know. And as you meet people include them into your database. Grow relationships!

There is some work for you to perform but it’s also a great opportunity to contact old “know’s” that you haven’t spoken with in a while. Refresh relationships then send them a referral, which then  entitles you to ask for a referral.

Right now you can see ratings of everyone’s “KNOW” in your networking group by vocation and ratings.

Shortly your KNOW names of partners will be viewable. You can decide whether or not to make your “KNOW’s” viewable with a toggle switch.

The objective of networking groups is to give and receive referrals. Networking groups are a reactive experience. In other words, you wait for people to refer to you. The mycity.com system is proactive.

End Results:

A system for increasing referrals.

Organizes your most valuable asset.

Saves you valuable time, money and makes you more effective.

Makes your networking group and partners more successful.


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If you have further questions, please contact:

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