Let’s talk about some basic Must Do’s

Here are the steps:
1) In the beginning- nothing. Most profiles I’ve reviewed have either their friends or the wrong connections. So my staff initially must build up your clients or circle of influence. This usually takes over one month.
2) Learn how to use google drive. There is both written materials in email, a video and google drive documents online for you to read (of course you must know how to access first).
3) Tag your connections with the KNOW tag. These are people that you know. We send 1st emails (introduction) emails to people you don’t know.
4) When you receive responses, you will see them in your linkedin messages saying “RE: Hi (persons 1st name). This is where you respond and meet people. If they say they don’t know how, or don’t know or don’t generate revenue, from LinkedIn this is where we can teach people how to utilize their LinkedIn account. CALL ME
5) Read and watch our videos.
6) Attend your next group meeting. Attending meetings means new business for you. Meetings are also important for training and for networking.

Call or text me if you still have questions

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