Our Services

1) we manage our client’s linkedin account. We guarantee results.
**100 New connections based on our custom interview process,
introduces you to the people that you want and need to know.
**8 Good introductions per month.

2) We work with you to improve your profile. Make your profile more effective with your messaging and using our knowledgeabletools of how to get you found by others.

3) Powerful priority tools to accelerate you communications with others, including templates or an ability to create custom email messaging.

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Linkedin Training
Our system contains Client Training Videos Written Training Materials
Work Directly with Clients One On One Training:

Client training videos are private. You must be logged into your google account (gmail) and using google chrome.
Video #         Topic                                                              Reason

   1          Getting Started                                          Welcome aboard. The process.

   2       First Steps Using Google Drive           All documents are stored on Google drive
                                                                              & is a contemporary & useful cloud tool.
   3       LinkedIn Tagging                                  Helps organize LinkedIn for effective usage.
   4         LinkedIn Profile                                        For branding and getting found by

                                                                                        strengthening your Profile.
   5          Advanced Search                                      How to research and look up members.

   6          LinkedIn Email System                          Best Usage of LinkedIn Email System.
   7          LinkedIn Groups                                       Strengths and issues with groups.

   8   Downloading LinkedIn Contacts               For creating drip campaigns/adding to your
                                                                                         cell phone/crm system.
   9          LinkedIn Do’s & Don’ts                          Why to Privatize and LinkedIn Restrictions.

  10        Think Like A Rock Star                          When we overwhelm you. Think Bigger!
  11    LinkedIn Giving/Getting Referrals         LinkedIn Tools for Giving / Getting Referrals

Sales Training
1) Sales Introductions
2) How to refer business to your power team partners.
3) Creating a strong introduction
4) Teaching Triggers
5) How to ask for referrals. and other technologies.

Other Training
1) Google Drive
2) Google Hangout
3) Iphone & Android Usage
4) Group Texting
5) Texting from computers & Tablets
6) CRM Systems
7)  Web Analytics                                               Understand the Success of your social media
8) How social media affect your SEO
9) Blog Posting

If you are a customer and would like to schedule a training session call 310-929-5166 or send an email to support@edgeupnetwork.com

Want to know more, call Bob Friedenthal 310 736-5787 or email bob@edgeupnetwork.com