Take more control of your LinkedIn emails. Manage your personal emails in our new proprietary system. 

This is a semi automated system where you can control who and what you send to your LinkedIn contacts in increased volumes.

Recipients of LinkedIn emails are more likely to open these emails over standard emailing. Since LinkedIn is a business community, members are more interested in the emails received from other LinkedIn connections. This system assists us in sending significantly more emails is less time.

For Members Only:

Create custom 1st emails to connections you don’t know.
You can even target those 1st emails to specific people by
creating a tag, keywords or key phrases that describes who
you want to reach out to. Our staff will then add these individuals
into a tag. Remember, these are people that you don’t know but
want to establish a relationship.

Submit 1st email information here

Create custom emails to connections you “KNOW”, or to specific tags that you like.

Create announcements, such as events, new product offering, new pricing or anything you feel is important for your past clients, current clients, known prospects etc. Staying in front of people is an important objective as part of your sales and brand strategy.

Create custom emails to people that you know. We use tags to identify intended recipients.
This can be done by vocation, region, clients, etc. Please let us know if you would like to
discuss tags with an Edge Up Network support person.

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