Social Media will boost your internet visibility. From a business perspective, LinkedIn is a great place to begin if you are just getting started.

Here is how to get started with your social media campaign:

1) Start with an analytical programs for your website- The vast majority of people I speak to have never looked at their analytics. This is your internet report card. You can establish your base line here for measuring results of your social media. Assuming you have analytics, knowing how to read the analytics is important.

2) How to read your analytics. Some basic information. Tracking results. Here is what you want to measure. 1) the number of unique and returning visitors, 2) keywords- which keywords are searched to find you, 3) referring websites or search engines. 4) how many pages your visitors went through. 5) which pages they visited, 6) the duration of their visit. Assuming your social media program is paying off, you should can tract the results. My social media sends people to specific pages on my website and I watch this closely.

3) Brand- As for your LinkedIn results let’s talk about you and your company. First, you need to think of yourself as a brand. Individuals (sales people) always represented the brand. For the sake of calling these individuals, they are the outward appearance, facade of the company. Before the company was the brand. Things have changed. Social Media is the vehicle to create your brand. 

4) Your positioning in search engines. Thinking of yourself as a brand, look yourself up and see what’s happening. Hopefully you’ll see some nice surprises. Quite often the first results on search engines are the social media sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +.

5) Improving your visibility – LinkedIn your public profile. What you allow search visitors to see. Most people have not set up their public profile on LinkedIn correctly. Here’s the cure: Go into edit of your profile. Click on the edit next to your visible LinkedIn link: Here’s mine: In the edit section you can determine what the general public is allowed to see.

6) One of the greatest values of LinkedIn, your visitors can see a tremendous amount of information about you. What better tool for you clients, vendors, referral partners to get more acquainted and feel more comfortable. Certain keywords, key phrases potentially get you found on search engines also.

And, of course, if your social media is working, revenue is your best measurement!

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