The app Connected is the next generation version of the earlier app called Contacts. Connected is only currently available on apple Iphone and iPad. The app not only manages your contacts, but helps you to remain up-to-date about the latest information and news about your contacts. It helps you stay connected with your contacts in a meaningful way..

How to use connected! Shortcut your learning curve below:

1) Not so readily apparent, after launching the app, swipe downward the 3 bars in the top center of the app. On the top right side, click on the martini looking emblem. Now you’ll see a wealth of search criteria: sort by, recent, newly added, location and filters, etc. not previously available on the old app.

2) The most useful tools are the easy ways to message, call your connections, leave notes. Just click the phone, and the number is readily displayed. Click call and get to know your connections.

3) Additionally you can click on “Show all contact info” which displays summary information. Or you can click on full detail. Each connection includes details about a contact, profile picture and mutual connections. It also displays important updates about a contact such as job change, birthday, anniversary, important events and other significant milestones.

4) When you are at the home screen of the app, swipe to the left and see announcements, reminders displayed for keeping in touch.

5) Using the app Connected you can sync your iPhone, email accounts and calendar. Synchronization of your contacts and calendar is a major breakthrough for the app. You can sync all your email accounts including gmail, yahoo and outlook with your iPhone. Your contact list on iPhone syncs with calendar. By combining this data, the app Connected gives you all the relevant information about your contacts. You can set up pre-meeting alerts to get all the relevant information about the attendees of a meeting.

6) Connected also allows you to browse through potential connections and send them an invite to join your network.

Grow your professional network. Build relationships by communicating and build your business.

LinkedIn has many more useful tools that not readily apparent. Contact me to learn more.

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