What to do after a connection is made.

This is where most people fall of the cliff.

1) Communicate with them. Don’t wait for your new connection to start communications. You grab the bull by the horns!

2) Social Media teaches you that it is better to interested rather than interesting. DO NOT start sending information about yourself (advertising). That is a pure turn off. Ask about them. Suggest a face to face meeting.

3) Calling- Even calling your connection is great. Not many people receive calls off LinkedIn. Might as well make yourself different. Just make sure when you are calling that you let the recipient know that you are a connection on LinkedIn. Listen for their response. Might surprise you..

4) Lastly, I personalize each message so that they know you are not mass marketing. This is about individual relationships.

5) LinkedIn is an excellent way to increase your ability to be in front of more people efficiently.  As I say, you need to kiss a lot more frogs today to find the prince or princess.

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