In every seminar I’m asked what should you do with endorsements. Here’s your answers:

LinkedIn’s biggest challenge is how to get people to communicate with their connections. You must weigh your time spent vs results. 

Let’s face it, many of the endorsements are bogus. Not only do you get endorsements from people you don’t know, often the endorsements are for features you no longer do.

OK with this understanding now what do you do? RESPOND. At least your connections took the time to click on you, hopefully review your profile and endorse you. Rather than simply endorsing back, take the initiative and go to a deeper level of communication. Email, or call. Certainly calling is the best. If they answer you can get into a serious productive conversation. Ask about them. Emailing the same communication should take place. Engage your connection.

In the end, endorsements are a weak form of communication but its a first step. If you wish to work with endorsements, turn it into a process. Track your results. If this program doesn’t turn into anything, there are certainly  other communication opportunities, such as simply emailing your connections or even calling.

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