Here are some quick tips on LinkedIn that will help you turn LinkedIn into revenue.

The most common mistakes and frequently asked questions:

1) Premium account: In most instances a premium account is not necessary. This is my most frequently asked question. Unless you are targeting large companies and the “c” level executives having a premium account makes sense.

2) Number of connections- More is better. This allows you to see a great number of people. 1st level are people that you are directly connected to. 2nd level are individuals that you can see because they are connected to one of your connections, but not directly connected. 3rd level are people that are not connected in any way. So, more is better. We call this the delta effect. The more connections you have, the more you can see.

3) Phone number and address. We estimate that only about 30% of the people on LinkedIn display their phone number and address. Even if you display your phone number or address, most likely you will still not receive any calls. Better to have than not. Don’t let that one opportunity slip away. Don’t forget you can always remove your number or address.

4) Keywords & key phrases-Make sure to include keywords and key phrases in your heading (underneath your name). Company name and title are not as effective. The keywords and phrases that describe your business tell visitors what you do. And, these keywords and phrases are important for the LinkedIn advanced search.

5) Don’t use LinkedIn as an advertising medium. People don’t read advertising messages and get offended. Use LinkedIn for networking.

6) Respond to people through the LinkedIn email system only. People are more likely to open these emails vs through your standard email. Day & night difference. Try it out. You’ll see.

The above understandings will make a difference. There certainly is more. Edge Up Network’s benefit solution is our knowledge base, cost effective program and we do the work.

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