Understand, LinkedIn is another form of marketing.  And, marketing is a game of numbers. If you attend networking events, you meet a lot of people, but few people follow up and get engaged with you. LinkedIn is Not any different. But, it’s certainly a lot more efficient. 


1) Social media experts state that it is better to be interested rather than interesting. So, if you reach out to your connections, you should be asking about them. When connections send you a LinkedIn email with paragraphs of information about themselves do you ever open them up? Most people don’t.

2) Game of Numbers- Even with an excess of 300 million people world wide on LinkedIn, the vast majority have not generated any revenue from LinkedIn. So, you have to find people on LinkedIn that are willing to engage with you. Good news is many will! Take you communication from LinkedIn email to phone to face to face where ever possible. 

3) LinkedIn Email. Our results have shown that you should only respond through the LinkedIn email system. Do NOT respond through your regular email. The difference in results are significant. 

4) Your 1st communication with your connections- Rule #1, Ask about them. Ask about their business. Get to know your connections. And, if you want to sell them, ask about their pain points. 

5) Create a relationship first- Any sales coach will tell you that in order to sell someone, you must take your connections from prospect to relationship to sale.  And, most sales coaches will also tell you that you that it can take 3-5-7 times of being in front of someone to take them your acquaintance from prospect to relationship to sale. Build that relationship!

6) How to get organized with your LinkedIn Marketing program. The LinkedIn tagging system is a great please to start.

So here’s your summary, your challenge:
1) What to say in your 1st communication with connections.
2) How to build a relationship. How to be in front of your connections more than once.
3) How to organize your LinkedIn marketing program.

Edge Up Network has a systematic approach to this process. If you would like to learn more, please contact me.

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