LinkedIn tags are a great way to organize your connections. Tags are like folders. Tagging is a useful system to help you organize your activities on LinkedIn. Most LinkedIn users are not familiar with tags.

How you find tags- Click on contacts, then keep in touch. Below the photos you will see a link titled “Sort by” Click on this and you will see the tags link. By the way, you can create tags on the fly. 

How to tag a connection. There are two ways to tag. 1) As you scroll down all your connections, scroll over their name and the term tag pops up, or 2) if you are in a connections profile, click on relationship and to the right side the term tag is displayed.

Suggested Tags:
1) Email- Track who you have emailed.
2) Call – Track who you have called
3) Regional Tags- Knowing where people are located regionally is helpful such as city location.
4) Vocation- LinkedIn’s title search in sorting is not very accurate. So tagging your connections solves this problem.

Personally, I have over 50 tags including has phone, client, potential, etc. My LinkedIn is well organized for tracking my needs and results. We also instruct clients with specific tags to track results.

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