Let’s talk about some basic Must Do’s

1) Your Photo: Make sure you include your photo in your profile. Your photo on social media is your billboard on the social media highway. The cost of not putting your photo on LinkedIn is significant. People are reluctant in connecting with you without a photo. Logos don’t work either. People are much better at remember faces. And there is a trust level with a photo. Your photo is personalization. Go to your profile, edit mode and upload your photo. 

2) Privatizing your connections. Most of us include our clients future and past in our LinkedIn connections. Our targeted clients and referral partners are also included. We also tend to have our competitors in our connections as well. So, why would you make all your connections available for everyone to see? Therefore, I recommend to privatize your account. After privatizing only your connections can see shared conniption with you. In other words, they also have to be connected to the same individual. To privatize, go to your photo at the top right of your profile, click on privacy & settings. You’ll see a yellow button “upgrade your account”, go down 5 links “select who can see your connections” and click only you.

3) Invitations to connect with you. Once you connect, your email address is shown. I’m cautious of who I connect with. If they don’t look real, there is a potential, people are just after your email for spamming. 

4) Lastly, don’t think of LinkedIn as an advertising medium. It’s not. It’s a networking and job search site.

5) Be brief. Your connections tend to not read long winded information.

If you have any questions you would like to have answered directly, please contact me.

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