Making New Connections on LinkedIn – Do’s and Don’ts

Here is where your opportunities begin- Growing connections.

1) First let’s look at the LinkedIn philosophy. There policy is to connect only with people that you know. LinkedIn has build an incredible program, but, this is where we differ. Following their philosophy, you shouldn’t go into a public place and speak to the person next to you because you don’t know them. The second part is that you don’t know who people know. Don’t have blinders on. You’re only limiting yourself.

2) Major word of caution. You can get into restrictions on LinkedIn if you do too many invites where you are not accepted. You will be required to input your invitations email address. Going to fast to quickly will only get you into trouble. Restrictions can be appealed and in most instances you will be granted a release, but it is certainly best not to get into trouble in the first place.

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