LinkedIn is not the problem!

Ask 100 people and 100 of them will tell you they need more business.
Ask 100 people and 100 of them will tell you they have no time.
Ask 100 people on LinkedIn and 90 of them will tell you they get no business from LinkedIn.
And when you ask most psychologists and they will tell you most people resist change and paralyze their ability to grow.

For many years, I’ve placed people into 3 camps,
1) welcoming change
2) slow to change
3) don’t change.

In a technologically changing world which one are you?

If you are:
1) you will take market share away from others.
2) you will loose market share, but will finally adopt change and recover.
3) you are in trouble. 

34 years ago I left a successful career in accounting for starting a computer company. Most accountants could never take that leap. Then 20 years ago when I discovered the internet started an internet company. And 4 years ago I recognized what LinkedIn was bringing to the business community I did the plunge again.

Last question. – Are you willing to take risk even when you are guaranteed results? Is it your ability to change or even your ability to see the vision. And we are talking $95 per month. 

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