There two parts. How to use LinkedIn search engine & how to get yourself found.

How to use the LinkedIn search engine.

1) Search Box- Located at the top of the site. To the right is a magnifying glass. Click this for the advance search. In the keyword search use terms that describe the individuals you are looking for. Most likely clients, vendors or referral partners. If the search term is a phrase versus an individual term, make sure to put the term in quotes, i.e. “LinkedIn Consultant”. This is call a boolean search. This is common amongst all search engines. Searches the phrase instead of each term individually. You have to become knowledge based in keyword to be highly successful in your searches. Example: searches for divorce attorney will generate a poor result. Family law gives you a much great result. 

2) Zip code search. Most of us search regionally. Most people use the 10 mile radius, but understand, LinkedIn results can have greater distance results. 

3) Other variables in your search: Title, Company, current vs past, all can assist your research. With a premium account one of the most valuable search is searching by company size. You can also see more listings with the premium account, but there are many ways around the limited 100 (10 pages) of results. 

4) Display of your results. To the right of connection names you will see “message” or “connect. Message means that you are already connected.

5) One of the opportunities of the advanced search is to see who you are already connected to as well as noted in 4) above

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