Only about 30% of people on LinkedIn include their phone number. Unless you have a compelling reason to not include your phone number, this is a huge mistake. 

Hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t matter what profession you are in: a professional, CPA, attorney, etc… you are in sales. Your phone number is displayed on your website. So why not here? Internet marketing rule is to make things easy for your visitor. Forcing a visitor to go to your website is guaranteed to lose many people. Your profile already tells people who you are. Why force people to take one more step? 

1) How to add your phone number-  Click on profile in the navigation bar. Then, click Edit. You will see contact info. Click on this and add your number. 

2) Address- Might as well add your address. Here’s why. If you display your Location as Greater Los Angeles and someone suggests getting together, you might be driving 70 miles. You can also display the region you cover in your address.

3) Calls- You should put your phone number on your LinkedIn profile to make you more accessible. However, the likelihood of receiving calls is still remote. And you can always remove your phone number.

4) As you learn from our tips and engage more connections, making it convenient for them to contact you is only makes sense. Think of your LinkedIn as your electronic business card.

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