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As we say, there is life after LinkedIn. Think of yourself as a brand. Your photo on social media is your billboard on the internet highway. Exposure across the internet is one of the ways on how you create your brand. The more your name is posted throughout the internet, the more people will recognize your brand: Your name, photo, tag line, blogging (articles) and web site. Other social media sites also have impact.

Become a recognized referral partner and your business will expand. In almost all networking, when you are thought of as a referral person, people want to become your friend, partner, and circle of influence.

When you refer to members of Edge Up Network, please post the information in this section, and we’ll post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

Here is a sample of how it will appear: Bob Friedenthal of Edge Up Network referred business to Jason Vallejos of Farmers Insurance.

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