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Knowing Your Web Analytics – Your Report Card on the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

First let’s look at a simple example of how web analytics increased my sales.

I studied my web analytics, made a marketing change on my LinkedIn messages and saw a dramatic increase in my visits to my web site. After each message sent to my connections, I added:

Bob Friedenthal – LinkedIn Consultant
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This resulted in 30-50 more visitors a day to my website and calls and new clients from all over the country.

Next, you need to make sure that your web host has analytics available. Or, your designer has included web analytics on each page of your web site. Google Analytics is commonly used and easy to install.

Web analytics show what is happening on your website:, 1) how many people visited your website, 2) which web page they visited, 3) how they arrived on your website, 4) what keywords brought them to your website,  etc. If you are spending money to promote your website using multiple marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, social media, email campaigns etc. web analytics is vital in evaluating the usage of your marketing investments.

Web analytics can be immensely helpful in measuring the impact of these marketing campaigns. With the help of web analytics, you can find out how effective are your marketing campaigns in terms of generating traffic and attracting target audience to your website. You can also analyze if the marketing campaigns were successful in generating leads, converting them into sales and achieving business goals.

If you are spending a lot on creating fresh content, targeting new keywords and promoting your website on various platforms, social media posting, etc, time is money and needs to be paying off. However, if conversion rate does […]

Branding & Social Media Introduction. YOU are the brand today. Thank you social media!

 Branding, Social Media and You

Brand recognition of a product or services has been the goal of businesses. Yet, the sales representative has been the interface between the customer and the business. Today, companies recognize social media as an essential element of promoting brand. Many companies today are teaching classes or managing social media for their sales departments. Advertising and marketing companies now include social media in their offering to create brand awareness.

Social Media Platform

Social media is now the number 1 engagement activity on the internet. Comscore reports Facebooks at 202 million, LinkedIn 88 million, Twitter 85 million monthly unique visitors as of September 2014.

Internet technology reaching across the globe and has given tremendous opportunity from the small to big business giants. Since 2000 the social media networking has become a major platform for marketing and advertising. Individuals as well as small and big companies use these networks to build their brands and reach millions of customers all over the world. It is quick and affordable. Once an advertisement is posted, it reaches millions within an hour time by likes, groups and other mass advertisement features available with the social media sites. Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram have millions of users all around the world. Current trend is to utilize this reach of social media for branding purposes.

Here are the Pitfalls

Branding for branding sake is not the end all answer. Posting does not necessarily create the ultimate objective,“orders”. Posting creates engagement, but a good “call to action” is vital. What is going to motivate your audience to buy from you? The way Branding and Social Media function currently, they have tapped enormous audience worldwide. Now, using high definition multimedia, […]

What a cool app! LinkedIn App “Connected”

The app Connected is the next generation version of the earlier app called Contacts. Connected is only currently available on apple Iphone and iPad. The app not only manages your contacts, but helps you to remain up-to-date about the latest information and news about your contacts. It helps you stay connected with your contacts in a meaningful way..

How to use connected! Shortcut your learning curve below:

1) Not so readily apparent, after launching the app, swipe downward the 3 bars in the top center of the app. On the top right side, click on the martini looking emblem. Now you’ll see a wealth of search criteria: sort by, recent, newly added, location and filters, etc. not previously available on the old app.

2) The most useful tools are the easy ways to message, call your connections, leave notes. Just click the phone, and the number is readily displayed. Click call and get to know your connections.

3) Additionally you can click on “Show all contact info” which displays summary information. Or you can click on full detail. Each connection includes details about a contact, profile picture and mutual connections. It also displays important updates about a contact such as job change, birthday, anniversary, important events and other significant milestones.

4) When you are at the home screen of the app, swipe to the left and see announcements, reminders displayed for keeping in touch.

5) Using the app Connected you can sync your iPhone, email accounts and calendar. Synchronization of your contacts and calendar is a major breakthrough for the app. You can sync all your email accounts including gmail, yahoo and outlook with your iPhone. Your contact list on iPhone syncs with calendar. By combining this data, the app Connected gives you all the relevant […]

Why LinkedIn is important for your business. Statistics

Here are some recent statistics about LinkedIn:

As of the 3rd quarter LinkedIn reported 332 million members worldwide out of which 107 million registered members are in the US.

2nd quarter membership was reported at 100 million US. Amazing Growth!

LinkedIn, today is the world’s largest business network site which officially launched in 2003. It had total of 4500 registered members after the first month of its launch. According to one statistics, two new members join the network every second. Companies use LinkedIn to generate brand awareness and marketing solutions..

linkedIn is one of the most trusted business network of the most skilled and educated professionals. LinkedIn generates around $95 million quarterly revenue from its paid member subscriptions. Not only they are affluent, but they are also influential. 40% of the registered members have more than 500 connections and around 15% members have more than 1000+ business connections. With this type of business connections entrepreneurs, recruiters, marketing professionals or job seekers can easily find right people for their professional needs..

LinkedIn also offers you an option of forming groups where members can participate in discussions. Around 16% of members have joined 50 groups, which is maximum number of groups allowed to join. 42% of the members join groups for posting relevant information and approximately 26% of members join groups to find right people..

Our experience is that 90% of the people using LinkedIn do not know how to generate revenue from the site. People also have limited time to fully utilize LinkedIn to its fullest capability. Those issues can be easily solved.> 

Welcome your comments and glad to speak by phone??

Bob Friedenthal- LinkedIn Consultantc 310-736-5787
The Missing Linked
Turning your LinkedIn into revenue


Veteran's Day

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The Definition of Insanity vs The Definition of Sanity

The Definition of Insanity of you haven’t heard this before:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The Definition of Sanity:

Learning something new. Doing it over and over again and getting a great result.

Where were you with getting your company on the web 20 years ago?

1) Where you are now with social media? LinkedIn can give you a great result!

2) How are you integrating your social media into your overall internet presence?

There are simple answers to these questions. Click here for LinkedIn Helpful Tips

Bob Friedenthal- LinkedIn Consultantc 310-736-5787
The Missing Linked
Turning your LinkedIn into revenue



Statistics on LinkedIn

Here are some interesting statistics about LinkedIn:
Business community- LinkedIn has the highest number of professionals than any other website.
Highest income level than any other website. Over $106,000 annually.

If you think about it, where can you find more information about individuals, and it’s all generated by the individual.

LinkedIn can be used as a contact management system (CRM) if you know how to use it. 

There are 300 million members world wide. Over 100 million in the US. We know that 9 out of 10  people that use LinkedIn for networking  have not been able to generate revenue from LinkedIn.

Unique visitors per month 187 million.  40% members check their LinkedIn daily.

LinkedIn has more monthly unique visitors in the US and surpasses Twitter.

Our experience is that few people know how to privatize their LinkedIn allowing their competition to also connect with their customers, prospects and referral partners.

Want to learn more? Call me, text me, email me:
Bob Friedenthal  CEO Edge Up Network
Linkedin Consultant
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Marketing on social media is a must for your business. Here is some valuable information.

It took the internet 4 years to reach 50 million users. Social Media is moving 100 times faster than the internet of 20 years ago. Social media is a new form of marketing. The most successful business site is LinkedIn with the highest number of professionals and the highest income level of any social media site. LinkedIn is a networking and job site, not a sales/advertising site!

Don’t be left behind!

Just look at some of these staggering statistics:

1) 500 million tweets per day

2) Over 1 billion Facebook users

3) 300 million members world wide with over 100 million in the US on Linkedin growing at the rate of 2 new members every second.

Check out what our clients are saying on our group in LinkedIn: “Edge Up Network” Here’s the link:

If you are looking for help, just follow our posts on LinkedIn. If you are interested but don’t have the time to become a social media expert give us a call.

Bob Friedenthal, LinkedIn Consultant
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Branding Yourself! You are a brand!!


Marketing is different today. Less than a decade ago with the advent of social media, individuals became a brand.

When I began selling 30 years ago, the company was always considered the brand. The sales person was the front end of the brand, but not the brand. Today, the individual is as much the brand as the company. Your photo is your logo. Your photo on social media is your billboard on the social media highway.

When the internet started exploding in the 90’s, companies began to believe, the sales rep was less important. Companies moved their sales to online and pushed the sale representative down in terms of importance.

The tide began changing with the introduction of social media. Social media is about people. I shutter when I hear people say that their company does all the social media for the company. Companies are NOT social. People are!!

How you create your brand. Start by where you get results. In other words, sales!