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How to Think Big and Grow Big

Change is difficult for most people. We tend to get comfortable following routines. 
But there is a problem with routines. Your trend line for growth will most likely flatten.

Most individuals are also influenced by fear. Fear of change will certainly impede your growth.                                          

Networking over the years has changed very little with the exception of using social media.

We are in a changing world. Data each year is doubling. The networking world 
has not figured how to incorporated data. Keep reading and learn about which uses data for networking. 

If you adopt change especially ahead of your competitors you become a leader, not a follower.  Plus
you won’t sound like your competition. Use data for networking and your business should grow.

I always ask the same questions of people with a 99% response rate:
1) Do you need to make more money? Yes
2) Do you have any free time? No

Your most valuable asset is the people you know. The number of people you know has grown from                                  approximately 150 people 10 years ago to 500-1000 people now due to mobile devices and social media.                         Social Media is the number 1 activity on the internet and out of a world population of 7 billion, approximately.                2.1 billion are on social media.

Next since 70-90% of most people new business comes from people they know.
What are you doing with all these people?

About 2 1/2 years ago I started asking people do you […]

Why you need to change

The world is changing around you. Here are some important reasons why.

Big Data                                             Social Media Usage              Mycity- Harness your most power Asset                                                          
Now Doubling every year.      Number 1 web activity        People You Know

Just over 30 years ago a 300 megabyte hard drive was $20,000.
Now were talking terabytes- Samsung’s industry-leading 15.36TB solid-state drive (SSD) started shipping last year. Pricing around $10,000.

1.9 Billion access social media from mobile devices of the 2.1 billion social media users.

How does this impact you?

The people you know has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Most of us get our new clients by referral.

Here is what we have discovered:

Few people have organized the people you know with any kind of database or rating system for referring.

Conventional networking is changing. Demand for more effective with our time is mounting.


1- Harness your most power asset- the people you know by referring business to them.

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2- Use our databasing rating system to electronically search and set up referrals.

3- Make yourself and your networking partners more successful with a referral system that
     increases the amount of referrals.

4- Give More, Get More.

5-  Save time with a more effective referral system.



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A Solution to Increasing Your Referrals

Networking groups are popular in our business world. Why? Because they work. Networking is all about giving and receiving referrals.

Networking groups are typically reactive. In other words you wait for your networking partners to introduce/refer to you. The process  is also time consuming.

In surveys most people state they lack time. We also know that 70-90% of new business comes from referrals. Bottom line is networking is vital.

But times are changing!

Social media is the number 1 activity online. Combined with the fact that data is exploding, doubling every year understanding how to grow your business in this new environment is essential.

It’s important to keep you finger on the pulse of change and keep up. Harnesses your most powerful asset, the people you KNOW. This program can help any networking group flourish.

Social media is a relatively new marketing tool that few business people have conquered as a marketing medium.

We have seen many LinkedIn users generate lots of connections, but those connections don’t seem to go anywhere. In fact our experience is that 90% of the 140 million people in the US on LinkedIn have not generated any revenue for a couple of reasons.

1) They don’t know how to use LinkedIn. They lack knowledge how to target connections clients and referral partners.

2) Next they don’t message connections, or send the wrong kind of messaging.

3) People lack time. One more project is overwhelming.

4) The greatest failure is that users don’t build relationships and they lack a systematic approach to relationship building.

There is a formula that can solve the business building process. Here is a relationship building formula:

1) When you first meet someone as a result of social media, do not sell, instead better to be interested rather […]

A new recipe for growth.

          How do you keep growing when you have no time?

Meeting more people is a must.
And need to turn these acquaintances into relationships.
Organize the people you know. 70-90% of new business comes people you know.

4. Systematically organize the relationship building process with these new people.

Here’s the solutions:

1. LinkedIn is powerful. But, few people know how to use LinkedIn and turn it into revenue.

Our system manages your LinkedIn account. We do all the work up to the point of you meeting with targeted new connections through our system.

2. Social Sync on organizes the people you know and has a rating system for business building.

3. The power of three is a program that quickly turns people into relationships and tracks your progress.

We combine 21st century technology tools with face to face networking.

And we can fuel the life into any networking group by increasing the amount of referrals given.

Check out and our video on how it works.

Bob Friedenthal CEO

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The 21st century way to network!

LinkedIn is a great place for you to grow your business.

We took LinkedIn one step further with Or check out our video:

As a business person the most valuable asset we have are the people we know.

And, when you give referrals you get referrals.

Roughly 10 years ago the average person knew 150-180 people. Today that number
has increased to 500-1000 people plus. Big change due to mobile devices, the
Internet and social media.

Few business people have organized the people they “know”.

The Mycity system is a proactive way to meet people. You work with your referral
partners, query our database, search by vocation, location and rating to find the
people you wish to meet without names being divulged.

You no longer need to be reactive with your networking. Mycity makes you proactive!
This program takes any referral group and fuels life into creating more referrals.

Go to, and sign up for free. Check it out!

Or check out our video:

Or give me a call.


Bob Friedenthal
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The people you know. Your most powerful asset!

70-90% of future business comes from referrals and people you know.

One of the best ways to boost your income is by referring people.
When you give referrals, you’ll find yourself getting referrals.

Referral groups are pervasive in our economy today.

Buyers are more likely to buy from introductions. There is a
psychological trust in referrals.

If you are involved in networking you know exactly what I mean.

The problem with referral groups are they are a reactive process.
You are always waiting for referrals.

Speaking with the vast majority of people, few have organized the
people they know, their most powerful asset.

10 years ago, people only knew 150-180 people.

Now because of technology, mobile devices and social media,
people know over 500-1000 plus people.

We just launched, the 21st century form of networking, harnessing
this valuable asset. Take a look at The first system in the marketplace
that helps you organize the people that you know.

Work with your referral partners and make the referral process
proactive. With a rating system for building either clients or
referral partners, Query your partners with a rating
system of the people they know. Search by vocation and
request an introduction.

Turn your networking into a proactive process.

Check it out.

Give me a call.

Bob Friedenthal CEO
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Wow That Was Fast

The year is 25% Gone.

Are you ahead, on track or behind wth your objectives for the year?

Any educator, business coach or professor will tell you goal setting / business planning are essential components of running a healthy business.

Most of us want to move up to the next level which takes planning.

Goal setting is always a key ingredient to success.

Goal setting is like the headlights for your business.

Running your business requires thought, knowledge, and planning. Understanding what makes your business tick, and what motivates your customers that buy from you versus your competitor. Without these components you are  running in the dark without headlights.

Formulating the future is based on your assumptions. You need to understand the “what if’s” of your business. The  educated guesswork can be mapped and measured, so that next you can improve your results. Congratulations, you just took your first steps to growing your business!!

It only makes sense to measure results.

What are the results you want to achieve?  This the first stage of goals setting.

Now turn your Headlights on!

So What’s Holding You Back?

If you can’t tell by now, social media is the new marketing.

Here some amazing statistics that might open your eyes:

1) Global Active Internet Users now totals 3.175 Billion, that’s nearly half of the world’s population (7.357
2) As for Social Media, there are over 2.206 Billion active users, a global penetration of 30%.
3) There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile Users as of this quarter, accounting for a 51% worldwide
4) 1.925 Billion users utilize their mobiles for Social Media platforms.

So, in reality what’s holding you back? Overwhelmed?  Venturing into new things can be stressful. But, if you have helping hands, it makes life easier.

You still want to grow. Right? And now I hope you’re beginning to understand you don’t want to be left in the dust with social media.

First, why do the work yourself? There are resources to do the work for you. Turn the clerical work over to people that can do the work.

Second. Training! Look for people that are willing and know how to handhold. It’s a lot easier to be taught rather that read manuals and get lost. The CEO of Ted talks was on 60 minutes and he stated the average person has an attention span of about 18 minutes. For years I’ve been instructing our trainers to train in 15 minutes. Keep it short and attempt singular topics at a time, so you don’t confuse and lose people.

When I lecture here are I always ask 3 questions:

How many want more business? Nearly 100% do
How many have free time? Nobody has free time. (Unless they are retired)
How many people receive business from LinkedIn. Typically only about 10% have.

Our simple formula for success.

We do the work for our clients. Grow targeted […]

Overwhelmed? Think About Delegating!

So you’re overwhelmed running your business? Delegate! It’s easier than you think.

There are several tools that you can do that will make your life easier. Once you make the commitment, follow a process and don’t give up.

Start by listing all the activities you do each day. Remember delegation allows you to grow your business. It’s comfortable to do routines, but too often routines are stagnating you.

Delegating means you are hiring people. This the unknown. Start by hiring individuals part time. Start with small projects that have little impact on your business. Monitor and determine if the selected candidate is doing a good job. Once comfortable, increase the delegating process.

Much of the work Edge Up Network has done is performed virtually. We’ve mastered this process. Some is done overseas and keeps our costs down and we pass these savings to our customers.

The real trick is training. Think about creating training videos. Some of them can potentially be used for years. People don’t read today, they watch. With screen videos, you can navigate the process showing your students each step. Screen videos are accompanied by audio presentation and is most effective.

Edge Up Network uses training videos for both clients and employees.

Our company exists because our clients do not have the time in their busy days to perform social media tasks.  Edge Up Network does this for clients saving them time and money. Much of social media is clerical in nature but above the clerical is knowledge base.

I personally love helping people. What’s so great, I have the time because I’ve delegated!!!

Want to delegate your LinkedIn?

Bob Friedenthal


Relationship Building- The Power of Three

About eight months ago I went to a lecture by Ken Kragen. Ken is an incredible promoter. He did “We Are The World”over 30 years ago. He got millions of people around the world to hold hands and sing “We Are the World”. Ken also lectures at UCLA. He discussed “The Power of Three” which is about how to build relationships.  You need to touch people three times in a rather short sequence in order to take people from prospect to relationship to sales or referral partner.

I changed my program from the five touch program to The Power of Three.  Most sales coaches will tell you that it takes 3 to 5 to 7 times plus to take somebody from prospect to a relationship to sale or referral partner. But if you can  shorten the sequence of three touches, then people will remember and appreciate you.

This is what I preach:  1) you meet somebody as a result of LinkedIn but don’t try to sell them. Find out about them. Find out who they want to meet. Build a relationship. With my clients I always recommend them teaching their new acquaintance about how to “Turn LinkedIn Into Revenue”.  People appreciate this instead of trying to sell yourself. 90% of the people you meet do not know how to use LinkedIn. And many of them have spent a fair amount of time on the web site. 2) Then send them an introduction of someone they would like to meet. Our clients use a system called social sync to create the introductions. Social Sync is a rating system of people you know or your networking partners know. 3) Lastly invite your developing relationship to a mixer, or networking […]