What makes Edge Up Network different from other LinkedIn programs?
First off we manually grow your LinkedIn account based on an interview process that give you the results that you are looking for, new clients and more revenue.
Second we are not a blog social media. Edge Up Network is about actual relationship building.

LinkedIn Tips – Click on the links below.

1)Statistics on LinkedIn And why it is so important
2)Your Linkedin Profile
3) What to do after a connection is made
4) Making New LinkedIn Connections
5) Linkedin CRM Contact Management System
6) Linkedin- Must Do’s and Don’ts
7) LinkedIn as a search engine 
8) Why LinkedIn is great for your Internet Visibility
9) LinkedIn – Guaranteed Results- It’s not about LinkedIn it’s about YOU! 
10) LinkedIn Tip – Add your Phone Number 
11) LinkedIn Tip – Tags- How to organize your connections
12) LinkedIn Tips – Get Engaged- How to make LinkedIn work
13) LinkedIn Tips – What are LinkedIn Endorsements all about.




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