How do you keep growing when you have no time?                      

Meeting more people is a must.
And need to turn these acquaintances into relationships.
Organize the people you know. 70-90% of new business comes people you know.

Here’s the solutions:

1. LinkedIn is powerful. But, few people know how to use LinkedIn and turn it into revenue.

Our system manages your LinkedIn account. We do all the work up to the point of you meeting with targeted new connections through our system.

2. organizes the people you know and has a rating system for business building. Many are calling MyCity the of the business world.

3. The power of three is a program that quickly turns people into relationships and tracks your progress.

4. Systematically organize the relationship building process with these new people.

We combine 21st century technology tools with face to face networking.

And we can fuel the life into any networking group by increasing the amount of referrals given.

Check out and our video on how it works.

Bob Friedenthal CEO

Edge Up Network
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